Want a Successful Business? Adopt An Infinite Mindset

Games and enterprises are both endless and finite. Finite games contain well-defined parameters and regulations, and all participants are aware of the goals and what must be done to win. On the other hand, the purpose of endless games is to keep playing; there are no clear rules or ways to win or lose. Business is an infinite mindset game, yet far too many organizations approach it from a finite perspective. Enterprises need an inclusive perspective and prioritize the future, society, climate, resources, etc., as a forethought and not an afterthought.

The advantages of having a limitless mindset are clear. Many individuals working together with an infinite mindset have led to the formation of great societies, advances in science and medicine, and space exploration. However, people are often forced back to a finite mindset by external influences. Great leaders have a long-term perspective and think in terms of the future. In his vlog, Simon Sinek speaks about the traits of successful leaders.

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