Digital Leaders – The New Torchbearers of Success

Never before has digital leadership been so crucial. Everything has changed dramatically with the advent of the internet and social media, from your interpersonal interactions to how you conduct business. To stay relevant in this fast-changing environment, enterprises need top-tier personnel to manage their digital operations. Otherwise, businesses run the danger of falling behind. The emerging themes are likely already used by top competitors, and eventually, everyone will be influenced by them. This article at CIO by John Edwards elaborates on the prudence of having digital leaders.

Deloitte Consulting Principal’s View on IT Leaders

According to Jagjeet Gill, a Deloitte Consulting principal, IT leaders must clearly articulate the business value produced by technological solutions rather than concentrating on the technology. He further opines, ” A CIO … needs to collaborate with other functional leaders in departments such as sales, finance, and operations to help other CXOs and the board understands how different tech solutions help drive growth and competitive differentiation, address emerging risks, and improve operational performance.” Gill claims that current data shows how tech-savvy company boards outperform their less-aware counterparts.

Seven Strategies to Be Good Digital Leaders

If you speak the language of business and understand enterprise demands, Mike Tweedie, research lead at Info-Tech Research Group, says it will increase your credibility and client’s confidence. He says corporate executives are more willing to engage, be open to change, and have faith that expected results will materialize when they start seeing IT chiefs as actual partners.

Workato’s CIO, Carter Busse, emphasizes the need to network with other managers. Every connection offers the chance to speak out, listen intently, and share knowledge and thoughts. It allows you to provide the necessary knowledge and helps me comprehend their priorities, adds Busse. Additionally, these meetings assist CIOs in fostering trust among peers, subordinates, stakeholders, and other leaders. So, the way forward is to identify business objectives and link IT to them.

Additionally, the author elaborates on five other tips to be a successful digital leader:

Advising and collaboratingSupporting the business strategyEncouraging curiosityFocusing on business impactBuilding business knowledge

To read the original article, click on https://www.cio.com/article/405754/7-ways-to-create-a-more-it-savvy-c-suite.html

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