The Skill Gap Is the Catalyst for Technology Investment

Employers worldwide are rushing to train and upskill young people that are just entering the workforce to bridge the skills gap, making the issue of the job skills gap a prominent topic these days. Companies are forced to use unconventional means of hiring new talent as the number of available tech jobs increases and younger tech workers leave the field more quickly than ever. Even though unemployment rates in several industries are at historic lows, the tech sector has been severely affected by the pandemic and the Great Resignation. Employers now have a shortage of skilled people to fill the millions of job openings. This article at Intelligent CXO by Catherine Darwen elaborates on the impact, influence, and incentive of the current talent gap and its required technology investment.

Technology Investment – Reshaping an Employer’s Perspective

The 2022 IT Leaders Pulse Report reveals two-thirds (64%) of Australian IT leaders agree that finding IT talent has never been more challenging. Technology investments are influenced by attracting IT talent, according to respondents.

Australian IT leaders now say employees’ and customers’ experiences are equally important to their organization as products and services. In addition, they firmly believe that improved employee (83%) and customer-facing (85%) technologies will enable them to compete.

Talent Gap Is Influencing Investment Decisions

According to nine out of ten (91%) senior IT leaders in Australia, investing in people is crucial. As a result, most respondents want to spend more money on technology investment over the next 12 months on upskilling IT employees (77%) and boosting their well-being (89%) than on hiring more IT personnel (74%). The report reveals: skills gaps have emerged in IT due to the “Great Resignation.” According to senior IT leaders in Australia, the “Great Resignation” has left their organization’s IT function with skills gaps, particularly in IT and solution architecture (70%) and cloud and infrastructure management (50%).

Organizations are adopting automation and self-serve strategies. In Australia, many top IT leaders are using automation and self-serve efforts to overcome the widening skills gap.

Furthermore, the author shares the statistics on improving your IT process, automation, and low code.

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