Why Are High Digital Fluency Standards Crucial for DX?

The COVID-19 pandemic jolted businesses across the globe, forcing them to accelerate their digital initiatives. Today, digital transformation (DX) is propelling businesses forward at an incredible pace. Speed is not the only benefit; digital technology’s power, convenience, and versatility impact everything from interactivity to accessibility. Therefore, recruiters look for a broader skillset and high digital fluency standards for whatever job positions candidates are interviewing for. In this article at ZDNet, Pallavi Kenkare explains the skills you need to achieve successful, company-wide digital change.

Digital Fluency Standards & Their Role in Digital Transformation

Data Literacy Is Critical for Digital Fluency Standards

First and foremost, workers need to possess a basic level of digital fluency to successfully implement a digital transformation,” says Kenkare. Depending on the industry, an employee’s data fluency standards can range from basic Microsoft Suite knowledge to an understanding of cloud computing. Ignoring technology will undoubtedly lead to falling behind and irrelevance in a competitive business environment.

Data Visualization

Websites, apps, and digital services have one thing in common – a user interface. Designers with extensive experience in creating dynamic user experiences are in high demand by most tech companies. Data visualization is one of the top skills designers must possess to visualize complex data to help management make vital business decisions and lead organizations toward DX success.

Digital Security

Cybersecurity or cyber resilience is a huge concern for organizations across the globe. Digital security demands specialized talent, prioritization in business plans, technical proficiency, and strong leadership to anticipate attacks. Furthermore, business leaders must be equipped with defenses to counterattack them. Companies store a lot of sensitive data. Therefore, to be digitally successful, they must hire professionals with high digital fluency standards to protect the data, ensure customer trust, and maintain the business reputation.

To read the original article, click on https://www.zdnet.com/article/digital-transformation-top-5-skills-you-need-to-succeed/.

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