Continuous Testing and Other DevOps Best Practices

Application development frameworks and policies have become essential to modern business operations. IT experts have begun to consider DevOps as a fundamental unit that works on the principle of continuous task delivery. DevOps has been in the market for more than a decade, but it has received its fair share of attention in recent times. Many organizations have incorporated this software development practice and used continuous testing as one of its vital factors. Such firms mention that their software deployment time is reduced to one-tenth the time. In his article for ZDNet, Zeus Kerravala talks about the future of DevOps and how implementing continuous testing can optimize your DevOps workflow.

DevOps and Its Relationship with Continuous Testing

The main priority of any DevOps framework is to deliver quality software with speed. However, it is crucial to be mindful of the potential risk factors while incorporating DevOps operations. If you continuously evolve your IT security and its framework, it will minimize the risk and software delay. To implement an effective DevOps strategy, ensure fast and effective implementation of ideas into production. Implementing continuous testing procedures can help you quickly resolve bugs and security issues.

How CI/CD Can Enhance DevOps

Continuous integration and delivery/deployment (CI/CD) help DevOps enhance its pre-existing automation and monitoring process. CI is used as the automation process for the developers, whereas CD is regarded as the changes they incorporate. Implementing continuous testing, unit tests, and integration testing gives you regular reports of your DevOps functions and how to improve them

How to Optimize DevOps

Kerravala mentions that integrating agile methodology can help you shape the DevOps cycle, its planning, delivery, and development. He adds, “DevOps evolved from agile and other disciplines such as waterfall, a traditional approach to developing software in stages. When effectively executed, DevOps results in faster, more dependable software releases.” Click on the link to read the original article: https://www.zdnet.com/article/businesses-need-devops-to-be-competitive-but-must-follow-best-practices-to-minimize-risk/

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