How Cybersecurity Investment Can Upscale Your Business

According to Foundry’s 2021 security priorities survey, 9 out of 10 participants believe that their firms are failing on the cybersecurity front. Incorporating a cybersecurity framework and monitoring its process is a meticulous task. With the ongoing advancements in cybersecurity software and hardware, it is challenging to align specific business needs. Some small-scale companies still believe that they are not at cyber risk. Thus, they do not make necessary changes on the cybersecurity investment front. In her article for Computerworld, Esther Shein shares why you should pay attention to cybersecurity investment.

How Cyberattacks Can Harm SMBs

Cyber attackers have become more synchronized and automated due to machine learning and AI processes. Most companies use online work models in varying capacities, which makes their digital infrastructure open to cyber risks. Moreover, accidental damage can also affect organizational data. According to Acronis research, 56% of the respondents lost their data at least once in 2021. Efficient cybersecurity investment can help you retrieve data, mitigate cyber risks, and enhance your cybersecurity framework. It is crucial for small-scale industries to understand that they are at an equal risk of a cyberattack as big firms. It is vital to invest in cybersecurity infrastructure to keep your and your end-users data safe.

Tips to Introduce a Cybersecurity Investment Procedure

Shein suggests an external penetration test as one of the most efficient ways to prove the importance of high-level cybersecurity architecture. The external penetration test displays potential flaws in your security standards that the firm should ideally resolve. Furthermore, companies should invest in strong authentication, setting appropriate access and control privileges. Ensure your firm has an effective disaster recovery plan that can minimize downtime in case an error occurs. A good email security solution is another thing that Shein strongly advises. She says, “Most attacks start with a malicious email or phishing attack. If these threats can be filtered out before they reach the user’s inbox, then the risk can be minimized.”

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