Return to Office Plans: How to Optimize the Hybrid Work Model

Companies are looking forward to return to office and incorporating methods to ease the work model transition. However, most employees prefer working from home, and accepting the office work model can be slightly discomforting to some people. JP Gownder, VP at Forrester, states that the modern business scenario is at a highly disruptive juncture and companies need to acknowledge the need of their workforce. In her article for InformationWeek, Jessica Davies suggest various methods to ease return office plans.

Presenteeism: One of the Reasons to Return to Office

Some enterprises implement return-to-office plans due to presenteeism. It means that employees should work from the office for a stipulated time because it is an established rule. Many employees have experienced doing the same quality of work in the office space that they did remotely. However, a considerable chunk of their time is invested in a commute that leads to exertion and lethargy.

Gownder mentions that one of the main reasons companies prefer employees working from the office is that they can monitor their work. Presenteeism does not add much value to your work ethics strategy and business productivity. It is better to structure work-from-office plans before implementing them.

How the Job Market Is Responding

In the current scenario of market instability, employers have the upper hand. However, there is an acute shortage of talent in the industries. Companies are laying off employees and pausing the hiring process. The economic uncertainty has left employees with few choices. In such demanding situations, organizations should prioritize their employees’ mental peace and organizational productivity.

If you wish to implement a hybrid work mode, list tasks that employees can work on remotely and in the office. Focus on enhancing collective work projects in the office setting that encourage employees to work as a team. Nurturing a culture of togetherness helps employees focus on their tasks because they understand its importance in the broader context. Click on the link to read the original article: https://www.informationweek.com/strategic-cio/making-hybrid-work-best-practices-for-return-to-office

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