Decoding Ethical Hacking for Modern Organizations

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Organizations are experiencing a global surge of security threats because of the rise in cyber and ransomware attacks. As a result, cybersecurity services need to grow to maintain strict security standards. Organizations of all sizes are putting new plans, teams, and resources into place with the sole purpose of enhancing protection. Still, it is expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to keep up with. Therefore, businesses can benefit from ethical hacking by improving their security posture, reducing data breach risks, and building customer trust. This article at ZDNet by Owen Hughes speaks about ethical hacking and how it is a creative and lucrative job in the cybersecurity industry.

Who Is an Ethical Hacker, and How Does Their Role Help?

As cyberattacks become more sophisticated and frequent, businesses need to become more proactive in defending themselves.

Cybercriminals are being defeated by ethical hackers that can identify potential threats and weaknesses in a business’s network before an attack can occur, effectively working against them to mitigate vulnerabilities and risks. “No matter how much budget you devote to cybersecurity tooling alone, you need a human element,” says Haris Pylarinos, CEO of ethical hacker training platform, Hack the Box.

Pylarinos’ Views on Ethical Hacking

According to Pylarinos, cybersecurity training programs can increase organizational awareness of resilience to cyberattacks. However, the problem is that these do not provide security teams with hands-on experience that can help them understand their adversaries’ perspectives or test corporate networks for vulnerabilities hackers could exploit.

Good ethical hackers do not necessarily have to be cybersecurity experts. Still, they should be tech-savvy and possess some qualities that make hackers excellent at what they do. Per Pylarinos, “If one developer in a team thinks like an ethical hacker, they can often spot the security vulnerabilities before they happen.” The ability to spot vulnerabilities quickly and easily and display strong communication skills and teamwork abilities are core traits of ethical hackers.

To read the original article, click on https://www.zdnet.com/article/what-is-an-ethical-hacker-why-one-of-the-most-intriguing-jobs-in-cybersecurity-could-be-a-good-bet/

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