How to Highlight Your Key Project Management Skills

To seek project management roles, you must put your best foot forward. But the project profession is a highly competitive field. With many channels open to promote yourself beyond a simple CV, it is now challenging to endorse your project management skills. So, what can you do as a newly qualified project professional to stand out? In this article at the Association for Project Management, Dave Waller shares some tips on shining brightly once you have received those crucial certifications.

Top Tips to Emphasize Your Project Management Skills

Display Your Project Management Skills in Your Resume

Ensure to talk about the projects you have worked on in your CV, LinkedIn profile, and job interviews. Mention your role in driving a project to deployment. “Keep a record of all relevant work you have done and what it entailed. This information can help bring a CV to life or become a compelling response in an interview,” says Waller.

Be Clear About Your Path to Achievement

Be clear about the project you want to work on — extensive infrastructure or small-scale projects for a startup. Leverage your strengths and demonstrate what you have been doing to get there to your prospective employers. Be vivid about your new accreditation or a new skill you learned.

Customize Your CV

Write your CV for the sector you are targeting. Tailor it with keywords for the job position you want to apply for and highlight the experiences in that sector. Hiring managers want to know what makes you different from other candidates.

Tell a Story

Often people relate to narratives. Therefore, identify the compelling element in your project and determine the best way to tell your story. Highlight your project management skills, challenges you faced, and actions you took to overcome the roadblocks. Explain to your hiring managers how the clients benefited, how many people you managed, how much money you saved, and how many more clients you brought in through your talent and skills.

To read the original article, click on https://www.apm.org.uk/blog/how-to-stand-out-as-a-newly-qualified-project-professional/.

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