Leadership Hacks for Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Though conflict management is one of the most valuable skills, many business leaders often shy away from resolving a conflict. A dispute is undoubtedly an uncomfortable situation for leaders in professional and personal contexts. However, learning to handle differences of opinion efficiently is critical at work. Remember, learning strategies to resolve conflict is essential to outstanding leadership. This article at Online PM Courses shares some tips on managing conflict in the workplace.

Causes of Conflict

The ‘personality mix’ within a team leads to disputes, especially when a new staff member joins or if two colleagues suddenly fall out.When employers ignore employees’ needs or set unrealistic expectations, it can lead to conflict.Sometimes, workplace conflict can be caused because people feel pushed too hard, and resentment sets in if they feel their workload is unmanageable.The intimate politics of relationships between individuals can be one of the causes of conflict.

Tips for Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Understanding Your Team

As a business leader, ask your employees to think about how they are most comfortable handling conflict in their daily lives. Conflict resolution behaviors include avoidance, competition, compromise, collaboration, and accommodation.

Avoiding the Conflict as a Tip for Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Sometimes, the issue is not worth fighting over. In the heat of the moment, it seems important, but it’s not. As soon as you realize this, step away from the conflict,” says the author. Additionally, many leaders believe avoiding conflicts can be an appropriate response when there is no clear solution, or a frustrated party needs time to calm down before confrontation.

Clarifying the Real Issue

If you are managing conflict in the workplace with two of your team members involved, it is critical to get all the facts. Conduct face-to-face meetings with each team member individually to identify the issue. Ensure that all parties involved understand that you are merely an impartial mediator and create a comfortable environment for them to share sensitive information.

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