What Board Questions You Must Be Aware of as a CIO

The chief information officer (CIO) of a corporation is responsible for managing and advancing the organization’s information technology and computer systems. However, the work requires much more than a solid understanding of technology. Besides, CIOs’ responsibilities have increased. Leaders moving up the corporate ladder in the tech industry should know what their executive teams look for in new hires. This article at CIO by Stacy Collett speaks about the board questions CIOs must be able to answer comfortably.

Today’s Board Expectations From a CIO

As a CIO, you must be capable of answering these tricky and timely board questions to demonstrate that IT is heading in the right direction.

CIOs may think of directors like Jean Holley as their best friend or worst nightmare. She says that many CIOs, especially those new to the role, appear overly tech-savvy, not in tune with business, or worse, lack knowledge and experience. Despite the CEO and board steering the ship, the CIO’s radar is crucial to see what is coming.

Research the background of each board member and other boards they are affiliated with before meeting them for the first time, says Gary Cantrell, former CIO, and SVP of Jabil.

Six Board Questions You Must Be Able to Answer

The Cybersecurity Posture

Be ready for queries about cybersecurity in the context of risk. Describe risk X’s potential occurrence and its impact. Then, explain the measures you have in place to identify and reduce the risk proactively, advises Jay Ferro, Clario’s CIO and CTO.

The board questions may also include whether the CIOs are allocating adequate funds for cybersecurity. As a CIO, you want to constantly invest more money in cybersecurity. However, take care not to harm your CEO’s reputation.

According to Alexander Lowry, host of the podcast Boardroom Bound, “Time, cost, and quality form the triangle of balance,” and CIOs must communicate the significance of each of the three components.

The IT-Business Alignment

Explain how IT aligns with the business to achieve its goals at a greater pace, says Ferro. The CIO must explain technology’s pros and cons to board members that may come in with technology suggestions of their own. Per Holly, you must avoid using technical jargon to explain the technology or its benefits. Instead, address the question in a business context for better understanding. In addition, Holley advises making a list of three areas you would invest in if money were available.

The author also elaborates on talent acquisition and retention, automation, diverse, equitable, inclusive initiatives, and uncertainties.

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