Are Design Thinking Steps Crucial to Create a Better UX?

Evolving strategic business imperatives, technology disruptions, customer expectations, and trends are dynamically transforming how IT organizations operate. How to deliver customer services profitably has become a defining challenge for many large corporations. This sea change is fundamentally reconstructing what ‘services’ means. In this article at ZDNet, Joe McKendrick explains how technology professionals are working directly with end users and implementing design thinking steps to create a compelling user experience.

Can UX and Design Thinking Steps Help Meet Your Goals?

Today, business leaders are pressured to create a seamless and positive user experience (UX). Organizations are putting customer experience at the heart of next-generation operating models to achieve this. However, “getting technology professionals up to speed with crucial pieces of this customer collaboration — user experience (UX) and design thinking — is a challenge,” says McKendrick while quoting Justin McFarland, executive vice president of information systems at McCarthy. So, how can tech professionals use design thinking steps to reinvent UX in their digital journeys?

Finding a Better Balance of Tech Expertise and UX

Business leaders believe that the final customer experience is critical to their success. Therefore, organizations encourage tech professionals to engage with end users, better understand what customers do regularly, and determine what problems to solve. Additionally, tech professionals must identify opportunities to help users in their day-to-day activities and deliver a more personalized customer experience. It is here that design thinking steps play a crucial role. It helps tech professionals shift their focus from business-centric to customer-centric solutions. The approach allows professionals to observe how people behave and think, gain insights into what they need, and design a product with their technical capabilities.

It is a relentless focus on the customers and delivering the best user experience that is deeply rooted in design thinking steps. To read the original article, click on https://www.zdnet.com/article/walls-between-technology-pros-and-customers-are-coming-down-at-mainstream-companies/.

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