Drone Delivery Companies Are Reshaping the Business World

Instant product deliveries of your online order via drone sounds nothing less than science fiction. The supply chain industry is undergoing a significant transformation. Supply chains must now be efficient, seamless, and cost- and time-effective to meet customer expectations. Furthermore, the pandemic has further accelerated requirements to look for safe and contactless delivery models. Per analysts, the operating costs of a drone delivery service are 40% to 70% lower than a vehicle delivery service model. In this article at The Next Web, Cate Lawrence explains how drone delivery companies such as Dronedek and A2Z Drone Delivery augment the customer experience.

Are Drone Delivery Companies Changing the Future of Logistics?

How can a drone deliver packages to a house that lacks a backyard? Dronedek has the solution. “The company has patented a connected, climate-controlled, solar-powered drone docking station. It enables mailboxes to receive packages and food deliveries,” says Lawrence. Customers can then open the box by using an app. On the contrary, A2Z Drone Delivery has developed an innovative tether system to deliver goods without descending below the tree line. Customers use these drones to transport tools, deliver urgent supplies, and port documents from shore to ship.

What Are the Challenges?

Though the growth of drone delivery companies is substantial, they are not free from challenges. Here are some of the bottlenecks drone delivery providers are facing:

The availability of a skilled workforce is limited in the industry.To set up training facilities, research and development centers, drone launch pads, licenses, and battery charging facilities, providers require high investment.Due to privacy, safety, and security concerns, many consumers are still not ready to accept drones for delivering packages.Experts foresee the potential of package thefts and damage to drone equipment.Efficient drone deliveries are highly dependent on weather conditions such as wind, rain, and snow.

To read the original article, click on https://thenextweb.com/news/how-r-and-d-is-driving-the-future-of-drone-delivery.

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