How to Protect SaaS Access and Its Connected Platforms

Most companies have begun to integrate different software for business optimization. It has become an internalized business framework that is deemed time and cost-effective. Several experts assert that these SaaS-connected platforms enhance the hybrid workflow. However, companies have lately realized that such SaaS platforms are at grave cyber risk. The majority of cybersecurity solution services are not effective enough to protect SaaS access. It makes company data vulnerable to cyberattacks and data theft. The Next Web shares Aner Gelman’s insight about rising SaaS cyber breaches and how you can protect SaaS access.

Modern Network Security and SaaS-to-SaaS Connections

Companies prefer cloud-based SaaS platforms because they facilitate more accessible and affordable workflow among team members. You can customize business software per your needs. Besides, you can integrate it with other software to save time and boost productivity. Since SaaS is a cloud-based infrastructure, you cannot use firewalls and similar cybersecurity measures to protect SaaS access. SaaS security posture management (SSPM) has recently emerged as a possible cybersecurity solution. However, it lacks various important features, such as monitoring the SaaS-to-SaaS connections.

Why SaaS Platforms Are More Prone to Cyberattacks

Due to the integration of multiple business software, one user action results in a chain of automated events. The chain of incidents requires access to information used to accomplish the command. If a hacker has access to one of the platforms, it is easy to intrude and exploit confidential information across different platforms.

Going the Extra Mile to Protect SaaS Access

Gelman shares the following tips to protect SaaS access from potential threats:

Invest in SaaS security solutions.Monitor inventory apps that employees use.Pay attention to service accounts.Retract access from previous employees’ accounts.Introduce an effective SaaS operations department.Implement a rigorous framework model to support third-party SaaS platforms.

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