Supply Chain Hack: How to Resolve Cybersecurity Risks

Supply chain cybersecurity is one of the most crucial aspects of the modern network security ecosystem. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), 80% of international trade goods are transported through seas and oceans. The supply chain industry heavily relies on intricate network security frameworks. The IT team has to be extra cautious to prevent the chain of events from any external threat. Compromising with a single element can have disastrous effects on the entire network. The connections of ships with ports and business offices have made any supply chain network an easy target for hackers. In his article for ZDNet, Danny Palmer shares how to prevent a supply chain hack.

The Current Scenario of Maritime Cybersecurity

Tom Scriven, the principal consultant at Mandiant, mentions, “The current state of the maritime industry from a cybersecurity point of view is pretty poor, and that’s not solely down to owners and operators in the industry, it’s because of the complexity.” The outdated legacy systems have made shipping industries a soft target that should be resolved immediately. Engineers and IT professionals usually lack coherence or are unaware of the trending cybersecurity ventures. These issues often expose the maritime to grave threats, such as cyber espionage and general profiteering.

Save Your Firm from Any Supply Chain Hack

An effective supply chain solution that can work in favor of businesses is International Maritime Organization’s cyber-risk security program. It provides a set of guidelines for manufacturers and shipping organizations to mitigate cyber risks and tackle them. Implementing security patches is another vital supply chain tip that shipping companies and manufacturers should consider. Everyone associated with the supply chain process should have a basic understanding of cybersecurity protocols and how to respond to a cyber threat. Palmer mentions that the process of strengthening maritime cybersecurity might take a little longer. The cybersecurity infrastructure that companies are using is not effective enough to tackle a supply chain hack.

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