Trusted Computing and Other Methods to Safeguard AI

The attacks on artificial intelligence are quite different from the ones experienced by network security frameworks. With hacking becoming more nuanced and sophisticated, hackers can get into the AI security structure and weaponize it to their advantage. It allows hackers to amass sensitive information and hamper the systems responsible for user authentication. Rogue AI is one of the alarming concerns for most businesses considering its repercussions and magnitude. In one of their articles, Information Age shares how trusted computing and other data security measures can prevent a rogue AI situation.

Identify the Key Components

Artificial intelligence and machine learning primarily consist of four components. A dataset is the first component that constitutes the fundamental entity of the information infrastructure. The algorithm is the other component that transfers the data into ML models. Computational representation is another factor that mirrors real-life data to make the prediction more accurate. Training accounts for the fourth component of ML. It allows you to identify patterns and implement techniques, such as trusted computing, to secure the network.

How Trusted Computing Helps

A trusted computing model can focus on all four components of AI and ML and secure them from potential cyber risks. The device identifier composition engine (DICE) ensures that the sensors and other connected devices maintain data integrity. DICE also focuses on upscaling the accuracy of AI and ML operations. In case of a service exploit, the exploited layer’s measurement will be changed to protect the safe portion of data from the attack.

How You Can Make a Difference

To save AI and ML from potential attacks, it is crucial to educate your team about the possible solutions and how you can implement them. Conduct regular training sessions where you learn to identify vulnerabilities and tackle them before they impact the security system. It will help your firm tackle the rogue AI occurrences and improve the overall productivity.

Click on the link to read the original article: https://www.information-age.com/ensuring-security-of-data-systems-in-wake-of-rogue-ai-20163/

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