Build Your Team’s Trust in Agile with Three Simple Steps

Work has grown more turbulent and unpredictable, requiring increased speed and flexibility in the work process and team alignment. And businesses are starting to see how effective Agile is in meeting these demands and changes. The pandemic has seen a substantial increase in teams and businesses using Agile as a method of working. This article at The Digital Project Manager by Michael Luchen shares three exercises that can help you build trust in Agile.

Fostering Trust in Agile

After seeing other companies leveraging Agile and reaping its benefits, business leaders are hiring agile coaches, process consultants, and more to transform their organizations. Thus a simple, agile manifesto has evolved into a process industry with certifications and enormous organization overhead. Building trust in Agile requires organizations to shift their company culture to integrate, collaborate, and adapt to change rapidly. Since a culture of long-lasting results requires the organization, notably the leadership, to embrace healthy amounts of intentional ambiguity.

Three Exercises to Build Trust in Agile

Start cultivating trust in agile practices, processes, and ways of working today with these three exercises:

Retrospect Actions

By doing team retrospectives, you can lead by example as an executive or developer on a small project team. Start with a 30-minute discussion on what has gone well recently, what you have learned, and any suggestions for improving the team.

Acknowledge Emotions

The ‘feelings wheel activity’ is a good starting point for meetings. By acknowledging that all humans are emotional beings, you can swiftly build trust and create an environment conducive to problem-solving in an agile team.

Personal Development

People are the best resource for business success, so investing in them is wise. One-on-one conversations that focus on questions that encourage transformational change are the most effective method of encouraging transformational change.

Concentrating on material things, like processes and tools, is simple. Whereas building trust among your team members is challenging but more fruitful.

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