Does Your Leadership Strategy Need a Broader Perspective?

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Many organizations have leaders with the strong operational skills required to maintain the status quo. However, these organizations often lack leaders with critical leadership competency, experience, know-how, and confidence to handle complex situations and transformations. So, why do organizations need leaders with strategic leadership skills? Today, change, disruption, speed, economic downturn, and uncertainty are constants in this ever-evolving business environment. Businesses need leaders that consider not only the long view but also the broad view. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Trudi Lang and Richard Whittington explain how a leadership strategy with a broader perspective helps witness the full spectrum of opportunities and threats emerging on all sides.

The Shift to a Broad View of the Leadership Strategy

Organizations often look for leaders that anticipate contextual changes and accordingly reshape the business environment. Leaders must also display a track record of working in different domains or on different work types to demonstrate agility and versatility. These skills indicate that leaders can design and execute a strategy with a broader view.

How Should You Improve Your Strategy?

Utilize an organization’s core human intellectual, finance, and social capital competencies. This helps you “engage with disruptive changes, explore needed shifts in organizational identity, and track changes in the business and contextual environment,” say the authors.Develop a strategy playbook. Having a playbook in an uncertain business environment allows you to anticipate the bottlenecks, create strategic initiatives and responses ahead of time, and adapt successfully as circumstances change.Develop human capital. Human capital includes professionals’ technical, social, political, and leadership skills. It helps maintain the organization’s core competencies and identify implications of the business’s strategy, key stakeholders, and value-creating networks.

When developing a broader view of your leadership strategy, ask yourself:

What areas or divisions in your organization are generating uncertainty?What information helps you better understand the outcomes of uncertainty?How can you capitalize on new opportunities?How do you track changes in your organization’s environment?

To learn more about leadership strategy, click on https://hbr.org/2022/05/the-best-strategies-dont-just-take-a-long-view-they-take-a-broad-view.

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