Why Must CIOs Maintain a Good Work Relationship With CHROs?

Technology and collaboration tools are integral parts of modern businesses. Today, chief information officers (CIOs) and other C-suite executives are collaborating with various other departments, such as human resources, accounting, marketing, and customer service, to improve overall performance. The human resources department is undeniably one of the most affected by the digital revolution. Many chief human relations officers (CHROs) are conducting cloud-based training programs, implementing tech-driven employee engagement initiatives, and using wireless presentation software at recruitment events. So, how can a CIOs’ and CHROs’ collaborative working relationship benefit your organization? In this article at CIO.com, Bob Violino explains why a strong partnership between IT and HR leaders is critical in today’s C-suite.

Why Does a Collaborative Work Relationship Matter?

Bolsters Recruitment Efforts

According to studies, 73% of small to mid-sized companies are struggling with an IT talent shortage. So, how can the working relationship between CIO and CHRO improve talent acquisition in your company? Many organizations are using technology as a recruitment selling point. For example, some companies offer employees wearable tech or mobile devices as a part of their benefits package. CIOs are also pivotal in providing tech solutions to attract the global workforce and meet the needs of hybrid team members.

Boosts Employee Engagement

Many companies need help to retain their top talent. Talented professionals are keener to switch jobs than in the past. Studies indicate that more than two-thirds of the workforce is disengaged at work. How can IT help in retaining the workforce?

Businesses are investing more resources into data and analytics related to employee performance and satisfaction.Tech-driven programs employ gamification in the form of e-learning, training, or goal completion.IT and HR teams are working towards offering real-time feedback. Studies indicate that nearly 65% of employees wanted more feedback, and 69% of staff worked harder when their efforts were recognized.

Collaborative Work Relationship Between CIO and CHRO Builds a Culture of Diversity

HR has helped the IT department develop strategies to recruit and retain diverse IT employees and leaders successfully,” says Violino while quoting Kathy Kay, CIO at global financial investment management and insurance company Principal Financial Group. With organizations getting more intentional about nurturing an inclusive culture and diverse workforce, IT is vigorously supporting them.

To read more about how collaborative work relationships between CIO and CHRO benefit an organization, click on https://www.cio.com/article/405125/8-ways-cios-and-chros-can-collaborate-for-business-impact.html.

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