Apple Is Unveiling a Mixed Reality Headset This Spring

Apple will spend most of 2023 concentrating on a brand-new product. Per Bloomberg, it is a mixed-reality headset that has been in progress for several years. According to a previous story from The Information, the new gadget might resemble a pair of ski goggles. It will have multiple cameras so the system can follow your movements in real-time and view events outside of your home. However, Apple’s future device provides a mixed-reality experience. Both augmented reality and virtual reality will be available to users.

Since it is easier to prevent software leaks than hardware leakage, information regarding the headset’s prospective use cases and applications is currently scarce. According to Bloomberg, Apple’s new product, Reality Pro, will be unveiled in June at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Like many other stellar products from Apple, the expectations from this mixed reality headset are higher compared to products of other brands. Watch the video at ABC News to learn more.

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