Learn How to Build Great Teams Naturally

Motivational speaker Simon Sinek defines great teams as more than a collection of people that work together. It is a collection of individuals that share mutual trust. He opines that your culture, nationality, and ethnicity greatly influence your outlook toward life. Sinek further adds that men fail tasks as they plan less and jump to execution instantly. In comparison, women fail tasks as they are busy planning but fail to execute things on time. Therefore, Sinek suggests that a blended team of men and women will yield more success and forge great teams. With diverse team members, you benefit from various perspectives that can boost your team’s creativity.

Furthermore, he elaborates that leaders must ensure the trust is built, nurtured, and promoted throughout their team. The absence of trust stifles development and fosters a climate where team members are reluctant to speak out and express their ideas. In his vlog, Simon Sinek discusses how you can build great teams and the benefits thereof.

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