Qualcomm’s New Phone Chips with Satellite Power

Cristiano Amon, CEO of Qualcomm, joins Ed Ludlow and Caroline Hyde to talk about how their satellites can connect phones, computers, and cars worldwide with new phone chips. Amon stated that they have partnered with Iridium Communications Inc. This partnership will help to develop semiconductors that would integrate satellite technology into phones is just the beginning of this cutting-edge type of connectivity. According to him, the new phone chip technology will have the capacity to connect from any location and would work with existing handset designs.

Amon responded that the automotive business has been more resilient than other clients when asked about the demand for his processors. According to Bloomberg Technology, this is being aided by the requirement for additional chips on cars instead of a general increase in car sales. According to Amon, smartphone shipments have yet to return to their pre-pandemic levels. He predicted this would entice customers to swap their outdated devices with the new, faster wireless network and a future upgraded version.

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