Resource Management – How to Get It Right Every Time

A project manager must efficiently balance the scope, time, and cost triangle by graphing and dividing the project into milestones and tasks. This is a complex undertaking, but it may be completed in a few strategic steps using techniques and tools. According to a 2020 poll by Wellingtone, resource management is one of the primary skills project managers need help to integrate successfully into their practices. So, how can you prevent battling to manage those resources and easily anticipate and manage all the resources to deliver your projects on time and within budget? This article at The Digital Project Manager by Galen Low discusses eight resource management techniques for effective project management.

Managing Resources Effectively

A market where digital projects range from providing web-based services for customers to developing augmented reality experiences and everything in between can make this seem like a hurdle. However, the good news is that even while the project deliverables may keep changing, the strategies and approaches you will need remain the same. Digital project managers can improve their ability to properly manage all the resources by using resource management best practices.

Eight Best Practices for Resource Management

Project Planning – Establish a strong resource loading chart to help you and all the stakeholders see how you envision steering and accomplishing the tasks. This will also help you map out the team’s availability for project tasks.Task Scheduling – Using scheduling, you can manage every project task at a granular level and track how long it takes to accomplish each task.Resource Flexibility – Making allowances for the likelihood that something will go wrong is the key to managing this uncertainty. Effective digital project managers accomplish this by incorporating some flexibility into their resource plans.Resource Allocation – Determine when and what resources you need in a project’s timeline with capacity planning.

Additionally, the author elaborates on team engagement, resource management tools, documenting, and creating a communication plan.

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