The Virtual Workplace – A Disruption Written on the Wall

The virtual workplace is here to stay. While some businesses ignore the Great Resignation and insist that workers return to the office, current developments show that the writing is on the wall. The ways that the workplace has changed in recent years, becoming portable and virtual, may be part of lasting disruptions for the enterprise. This article at InformationWeek by Joao-Pierre S. Ruth shares the views of C-suite officials on the virtual workplace.

Top Voices on Virtual Workplace

During a panel discussion, Michael McCarthy, COO of Learning Design Network, Duncan Bucknill, global business manager for Wipro, Sameer Mehta, senior vice president with JIO, and Jeremy Lam, CEO of Venu, discussed “Digital Transformation of the Physical and Virtual Workplace.” Ira Weinstein, the managing partner of Recon Research, was the moderator for the discussion.

McCarthy claimed that his business had already used a virtual strategy and a scattered, hybrid labor paradigm at the start of the pandemic.According to Bucknill, the epidemic has made it more important than ever for experts to work remotely. Wipro has helped many businesses to establish and thrive in a remote work environment.Mehta claimed that his business was largely ready for hybrid work at the beginning of the epidemic.Lam stated that his business was searching for ways to meet potential clients more effectively. As a result, there was an increase in online meetings and contacts, which nowadays include metaverse events.

Remote Workplace Benefits

Although many businesses are now considering a return to the office, Bucknill said that a substantial portion of his clientele is field service personnel that must be on-site. Reducing site visits has dramatically decreased the delivery cost for their customers.According to Mehta, physical workspaces may not have altered, but their potential uses have. He opines that teams might choose together which days to come back to work if a hybrid work paradigm were in place.Furthermore, Lam adds that employees that drove to the office to work on laptops now have devices at home. People are now more digitally adept than they were three years ago.

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