Could You Be the Next Cybercrime Target of Lapsus$?

The Lapsus$ group has emerged as a significant problem for organizations worldwide. This prolific hacking gang has made a name for itself with many attacks against high-profile companies. The group has breached renowned companies such as Nvidia, Ubisoft, Samsung, Okta, and Microsoft in just a few days. So, who is Lapsus$, and what can you further expect from them? What mistakes made the companies a cybercrime target? In this article at The Next Web, Thomas Macaulay explains everything about Lapsus$ hackers, their targets, and measures organizations must take to stay safe.

How Did Lapsus$ Become Famous?

According to reports, Lapsus$ first hit the headlines by taking credit for a cyberattack on Brazil’s health ministry. Unlike other cybercriminal gangs, Lapsus$ is exclusively organized through a private Telegram group and does not operate a leak site on the dark web. Experts say the hacker group announces its next cybercrime target via Telegram. Lapsus$ garnered much attention for its unpredictable and unconventional tactics. “While the gang’s attacks are frequent and their victims high-profile, their tactics have been described as amateurish,” says Macaulay. The group relies heavily on classic tactics such as gaining initial access, stealing passwords, and bypassing multifactor authentication by contacting the help desk or spamming submissions.

Cybercrime Target: Lapsus$ Attacks High-Profile Victims

Enterprise identity and access management provider Okta is the most significant cybercrime target of Lapsus$. In a series of blog posts, Okta’s Chief Security Officer, David Bradbury, said the attackers might have access to nearly 2.5% of Okta’s customer information. Microsoft also confirmed they were a victim of a Lapsus$ attack. The company says the attackers gained limited access to the company through Bing, Bing Maps, and Cortana. Another high-profile victim of the hacker group was Samsung. The tech giant confirmed that data related to the source code of Samsung Galaxy smartphones was compromised.

How Can You Avoid Being a Cybercrime Target?

Secure your remote-working technologies, such as a virtual private network (VPN), with solid and difficult-to-guess passwords.Bolster your defense with strong multifactor authentication.Train your staff to identify and report phishing emails.

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