Project Manager Duties That You Must Know

Project managers have diverse responsibilities that keep changing based on their organization’s needs and requirements. However, a basic set of project manager duties must be fulfilled for the overall business to succeed. One of the fundamental responsibilities of a project manager is to absorb unexpected impacts from internal and external sources in order for projects to be completed within a stipulated time. In her article for Digital Project Manager, Patrice Embry shares a list of project manager duties that you must adhere to.

Basic Project Manager Duties

Project manager duties involve a massive amount of strategic processes carried out with effective leadership. You must monitor your project’s growth and ensure that it is not lagging on any front.

Duties That You Should Pay Attention to

Here is a list of project manager responsibilities that you must incorporate to enhance your productivity:

Log requirements – Also known as the ‘blueprint’ of a project, a project manager is responsible for putting together a list of project details. It includes client notes, project information, and necessary statistics to understand the project better.Organize the project – It is your responsibility as a project manager to keep all files synchronized. Ensure you keep every document in order so you can refer to them when needed.Define a timeline – Managing time is one of the most important aspects of a project. It clarifies your project schedule and gives you a better idea of resource alignment. If you are working on a Waterfall project, include time for parallel work to optimize team productivity.Track resources – Time, budget, and project are the three main components of every project. You must track your requirements and monitor resources. It will help you ensure your project is not exceeding the budget or the time limit.Encourage your staff – Know your team members well. When you empower your team members, it automatically boosts the productivity of your project.Be a quick problem-solver – Problems are an inevitable part of a project. Your responsibility is to identify the problem as soon as possible and resolve it before it impacts the project.Mitigate risks – Project managers experience various instances where they have to identify, manage, and mitigate risks. Embry suggests, “Cordon off a bit of time at every team meeting to discuss risks, and make sure everyone knows what it means if they’re assigned to that risk.”Accommodate change – Incorporating change is a long process. However, you can prepare your team to facilitate tech and business operational changes.

How to Become a Better Project Manager

Various project management training or certifications can help sharpen your skills and strategic response. If you plan to use an Agile approach, you can train yourself to become a certified Scrum Master.

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