The Power of Persuasion: Convey Your Ideas Effectively

Most people believe that conveying your ideas effectively and convincing people to do what you want can be challenging. Experts believe that convincing a group of business professionals to agree upon something begins with a series of small changes. Firms pay massive amounts of money to change management consultants to initiate those minute disruptions. However, companies often fail to understand that change relies on the power of persuasion. In his article for Digital Tonto, Greg Satell shares tips to enhance your power of persuasion in a business ecosystem.

The Myth Behind Hard Power

Renowned political scientist John Mearsheimer states that the idea of hard power is not as effective as it sounds. The power to force someone to do a task often has adverse implications. It is important to use hard power delicately and only in cases when there are no options left. Hard power dilutes your capacity as a leader and questions your ability to lead your team on an ideological basis.

Soft Power: A Better Power of Persuasion

Businesses primarily run on soft power because they must function in a restricted environment. The revenue of a company is based on sales to its consumers. In such a scenario, it becomes crucial to understand every business component and learn to solve issues without hampering the business.

The Rise of a Networked Power

Networked power has established itself as an interesting choice regarding the power of persuasion. One of the fallacies associated with networked power is that it relies on the number of your connections. Truth be told, networked power focuses on the skills, capabilities, or innovative aspects you bring to the company.

How to Implement the Power of Persuasion Effectively

Moisés Naím shares that the best way to optimize the power of persuasion is by combining hard, soft, and networked power. Combine them per your business goals and requirements. Focus on connecting people with one common goal that impacts everyone equally. With the advent of technology, communicating with people and extending your network has become relatively easy. As a business leader, you are responsible for serving people with a common purpose and working together for change.

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