Nvidia’s A100 Finds a Potential Rival in China

Nvidia’s A100 is considered one of the world’s most advanced computing chips. The chip is used in varying industries, such as automobiles, pharmaceuticals, and ammunition. However, the Chinese startup Biren has introduced BR100, deemed to be comparatively better than Nvidia’s A100. The US had been dominating the semiconductor industry and economy right from the advent of the first transistor back in 1947. The usage of semiconductor chips has been necessary for every electronic device, but China did not produce enough chips in the past. However, China has appeared as a tough competitor recently. A100 and Biren’s BR100 are graphics processing units (GPU). Both use the base 7nm transistor that stores and calculates data. A100 has 54.2 billion transistors on its silicon chip, whereas BR100 has 77 billion transistors.

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