Tech Anxiety: How an Effective Workforce Can Manage Change

Artificial intelligence and automation are changing organizational operations dramatically. They are replacing humans aggressively, leading to considerable tech anxiety among professionals. Research shows two in five professionals are anxious about technology replacing them. On the same line, business process automation (BPA) is expected to impact many jobs in the future. PwC has predicted that more than 30% of global jobs will be automated within a decade.  In one of their articles, Information Age talks about the rising tech anxiety and how you can overcome it.

Tech Anxiety: How to Cope with Changes

Business professionals must rely more on human-centric business components that technology cannot duplicate. Concepts such as conflict resolution, emotional empathy, and creative thought processes are some of the attributes that employees should accentuate. Moreover, it is crucial to understand that the quest to expand your knowledge horizon will always put you in demand. The implementation of tech infrastructure requires massive human power. Familiarizing yourself with the tech implementation procedures will increase your chances of getting a lucrative job offer.

How Tech Expansion Is Helping You

According to a survey commissioned by Webexpenses, more than 2 hours of office work are spent doing manual paperwork daily, impacting the overall productivity of the workforce and business. Automation can easily take care of such tasks. When AI removes the burden of repetitive tasks, it gives considerable freedom to the workforce to learn, ideate, and discuss.

Good Businesses Prioritize People

An effective workforce is the most valuable asset a company can have. The entire digital infrastructure is managed, run, and installed by humans. A good company understands the importance of its workforce and ensures necessary training and technical help to facilitate learning. Furthermore, companies must realize that it will impact their work quality and productivity if their employees are constantly bothered by tech anxiety. However, it does not mean that BPA will take away most jobs. In fact, the roles and responsibilities of employees will evolve and shift more toward the decision-making spectrum. Employees must understand that with a bit of support from their organization, they have nothing to worry about.

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