A Manager’s Guide to Project Structure and Methodologies

Project managers would not be necessary if everyone knew exactly what, when, and how to do their tasks. But that is far from reality. Creating and implementing project management best practices should be one of your top objectives if you are a project manager. There are a lot of effective project management strategies, despite the common misconceptions. Project structure methodologies are a straightforward method for leading the team through the project management life cycle’s design and execution phases, procedures, and activities. This article at Forbes shares the best project management practices shared by industry experts.

Various Project Structures

The tech industry market is home to a wide range of project management best practices, tools, and media. A startup technology company or tech leaders new to their position may need help to identify relevant best practices due to the vast amount of information available. Long-time leaders in the IT industry have discovered through experience that several procedures almost always result in more efficient projects and better outcomes. However, each business and tech team must decide on the project structure, techniques, and tools that work best for them.

Industry Experts on Project Structure

In this article, Forbes Technology Council members explore IT project management principles and why they work:

According to Sue Li of SwipeGuide, teams may offer value more quickly without going over capacity if they complete ongoing tasks first. Additionally, setting WIP limits reduces context switching and helps to identify process bottlenecks.

Neil Parekh, CEO of Netrix, LLC, asserts that there should be a clear governance framework for project communication. The project structure should specify the project status reports, financial impacts, timetable modifications, change orders, stakeholder checkpoints, and appropriate signoffs along the way.

Ben Herzberg, Satori states that as you introduce new technology, ensure it can be adopted gradually for uninterrupted operations.

Furthermore, the author shares the views of other industry experts on project structure.

To read the original article, click on https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2022/08/31/16-industry-experts-share-best-practices-for-it-project-management/?sh=47bf95c17932

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