DigiLens Smartglasses Make Waves in the AR Market

DigiLens Inc, a holographic smartglasses and waveguides provider, recently unveiled its ARGO extended reality (XR) device. These standalone 48-megapixel augmented reality (AR) glasses offer enhanced and photorealistic imaging. Additionally, its multiple microphones can pick up a user’s voice in noisy environments. So, how can you make use of these smartglasses? This latest innovation is for enterprise and industrial-lite workers, such as doctors, surgeons, frontline workers, and remote inspectors, to boost their real-time communication. ARGO aims to reduce equipment downtimes and operational costs and streamline workflows.

Furthermore, the device’s connectivity options allow using glasses virtually anywhere. Its integrated DigiOS compatibility helps industries to keep pace with the future of mobile computing. To learn more about the device, watch this CNET video.

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