Implement These Best Practices to Overcome IT Risks

Information technology (IT) is integral to people’s personal and professional lives. IT management software offers immense opportunities to explore new growth areas in their businesses. Its expansive influence in almost every sector of the economy brings risks and adverse outcomes. In this article at Information Age, Dan Matthews shares some best practices that chief technology officers (CTOs) must implement to overcome IT risks and protect their organizations from security threats.

Tips to Avoid IT Risks

Shield Your Companies Against Zero-Day Attacks

Dealing with unpredictable zero-day vulnerabilities is one of the most significant IT risks faced by security teams. They can affect the organization directly or indirectly through third-party vendors with access to the network. Many zero-day attacks capitalize on human error. So, how can you minimize IT risks?

Enforce security standards as a part of your vendor risk assessments.Perform continuous monitoring and reassessments of your vendors.Use a multi-layered defense strategy, firewall, combining antivirus and other security solutions.Educate employees on security best practices.

Enforce Strict Security Protocols

Comprehensive security analysis is necessary for effective risk mitigation. Here are some ways to do it:

Employ automated patching.Implement strict authentication policies and access controls.Backups and updates must be an indispensable part of security protocols.Extend security to all devices in your IT environment.Consolidate systems and data into one source. Scattered and siloed data are harder to monitor and protect.

Organisations must respond to this unpleasant reality by rehearsing attacks through simulation, ensuring you can act efficiently and adequately in the event of a real breach,” says Matthews quoting Pascal Geenens, director of threat intelligence at Radware.

The threat landscape is growing continuously; vulnerabilities are multiplying; business processes are constantly changing, and so are the IT risks. Enterprises and IT leaders must consistently evolve their cybersecurity risk management program based on best practices. You can shield your company from the worst cyber underworld throws by ticking off these points.

To read the original article, click on https://www.information-age.com/it-risk-management-best-practices-for-organisations-19889/.

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