Magniber Attack Chain: Beware! Your PCs Are Under Threat

Ransomware attacks against enterprises have dominated media headlines because of high-profile victims and substantial ransom demands. However, single-client ransomware has recently been gaining much attention for its catastrophic effect on victims. The Magniber campaign focuses on generating small ransom payments from individual users, unlike extorting large businesses and demanding a significant ransom. So, how does the attack chain unfold? In this article at ZDNet, Danny Palmer explains how the Magniber ransomware group targets home users and infects personal computers (PCs).

How Does the Attack Chain Unfold?

The attack chain begins when the user visits a website controlled by the attackers, designed to look like legitimate websites and services that victims are tricked into visiting in one of several ways,” says Palmer. The Magniber ransomware operators focus primarily on Windows 10 operating systems.

What happens when your system is infected?

As the attack chain unfolds, the attackers deliver fake Windows updates embedded within malicious files (ZIP archives). This could also include JavaScript files.According to the HP Wolf Security report, the Magniber operators demand payment of up to $2,500 from home users for the decryption key. Additionally, malicious actors threaten to permanently wipe the files if the victims attempt to restore their computers without paying a ransom.The Magniber group uses evasion tactics such as bypassing the User Account Control feature in Windows and running the ransomware in memory. Furthermore, they use syscalls instead of standard Windows API libraries to stay hidden from detection software.

How to Protect Your Personal Computers

Experts believe that currently, there is no safe decryptor for the ransomware. Thus, users must avoid downloading cracked versions and use legit sites only. The following tips will also help you protect yourself from the ransomware attack chain:

Regularly back up your data. Storing the data offline will help you retrieve the files should the worst happen. Additionally, this allows you to retrieve the device without paying the ransom.Download software updates from trusted sources. Check the URLs to ensure that you use official vendor websites.

To learn more about the Magniber attack chain, click on https://www.zdnet.com/article/this-unusual-ransomware-attack-targets-home-pcs-so-beware/.

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