Reality Pro Gives Your Pinch and Glare New Power

In this video at Bloomberg, Mark Gurman joins Caroline Hyde and Ed Ludlow to describe Apple’s upcoming premium mixed reality headset mechanism. Reality Pro mixed reality headsets will use eye and hand-tracking technology in unison. This will enable users to operate the device by selecting an item on the screen, such as a button, app icon, or list entry, by gazing at it on the screen. You can then open the app by pinching your thumb and index finger together.

The device, roughly priced at $3,000, is slated for release later this year. By taking a fresh approach to virtual meetings and immersive video, Reality Pro will upend Meta Platforms Inc.’s dominating VR business. Apple is embarking on a high-stakes bet by entering its first significant new product category since launching a smartwatch in 2015. Apple’s Technology Development Group, consisting of 1,000+ members, has been working on the project for more than seven years. The business is banking on it to generate additional revenue. Watch this video to learn more.

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