Task Delegation Is a Skill That Empowers Everyone

No matter how much you want to do everything yourself, it is simply impossible. Both managers and employees gain immensely from task delegation. Leaders can manage their workload and increase production by delegating while employees gain knowledge of new skill sets. Due to the fear of losing control, managers frequently avoid and undervalue the significance of delegation. However, by delegating authority to your employees, you are improving their skills and decision-making ability and ultimately increasing their productivity. Communication, transparency, and trust are essential for successful task delegation. Christina Wood’s post on CIO focuses on the value of task delegation and offers some advice on how to do it successfully.

Importance of Task Delegation

David Giannetto, the CEO of WorkWave, explains that you will eventually feel overwhelmed as your responsibilities increase. You must be in the company of reliable people. If you do not delegate, you will not have people you can count on when required. Since your employees may have left for another firm, that may give them growth opportunities. The rule of thumb is to empower your employees and demonstrate that you can trust them to grow. Task delegation is your best bet for surviving as a leader, building a fantastic team, and growing your department or company.

The Art of Delegation

The following tips come from IT leaders that have mastered the art of delegation:

Mike Anderson, global CIO of Netskope, constantly reminds himself that if he does not delegate, he will never be able to take a vacation without dealing with last-minute issues or needing to stay close to a network connection.Tim Panagos, CTO and co-founder of Philadelphia-based Microshare, claims that he approaches delegation as if it were task delegation for the future.Giannetto opines that delegation prepares your team to steer the ship when you have an emergency, too many tasks to handle, or simply moving up the ladder. Delegation makes things seamless.Anderson suggests upskilling and empowering your employee’s decision-making and problem-solving skills by giving a problem statement and guardrails to solve them. This allows the staff to exercise autonomy and creativity.

Furthermore, the author shares additional tips for mastering task delegation.

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