The Infamous Decisions of Competent Leaders

Everyone will eventually experience disruption. Understanding how it occurs is necessary if you want to stand a chance of thriving in the digitally evolving world. The key to staying current is upskilling and evolving. Therefore, competent leaders embrace new business models, maturing at the speed of disruption and altering the current market status quo to stay relevant. This article at Digital Tonto by Greg Satell shares the infamous decisions of competent leaders and busts myths around the classic fallacy of conglomerates.

The Classic Analogies of Competent Leaders’ Decisions

The analogy of companies may often be used to explain mistakes in decision-making. The author shares numerous misjudgments of competent leaders that stem from incomplete stories. For instance, Microsoft, Blockbuster, Kodak, Xerox, etc.
• Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer turned down Apple but built a stellar B2B software – cloud platform.
• Blockbuster’s CEO John Antioco came up with a viable plan and carried it out successfully, but he could not win over key stakeholders.
• Kodak did not overlook the digital camera market; its EasyShare range was one of the best-selling products.
• Although Xerox PARC failed to market its PC successfully, the firm was salvaged by the creation of the laser printer.

The same misconception holds for Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer. He did not anticipate people would pay $500 for a phone; it simply sounded unrealistic. However, what he missed was the revolutionary business model. The phone was one of its kind in the market, which allowed people to use it as a PC. Additionally, it enabled the repayment in systematic monthly EMI. Microsoft did miss a huge business opportunity, but it built B2B software and the cloud platform. Hence, the company still thrived with stellar earnings.
Furthermore, the author elaborates on the above use cases to emphasize on business evolution.

Competent Leaders Are Willing to Learn from Everyone

Per the author, competent leaders are always willing to learn from everyone. He says the best way to learn anything is to presume that other people are intelligent, capable, and hardworking. You are not only far more likely to find knowledge and virtue if you actively seek them out, but you are also much more likely to recognize and address flaws in yourself and your way of thinking.

To read the original article, click on https://digitaltonto.com/2022/why-were-better-off-assuming-people-are-competent-and-hardworking/

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