Will In-Store Cameras Transform the Retail Industry?

The installation of new in-store cameras is transforming the retail industry at a rapid pace. By embracing the power of visuals, retail businesses can now easily manage their stores with little or no human intervention. Bridget Carey explains how technology is shaping the future of shopping in this video at CNET. Today, many retail stores are implementing AI-powered cameras to identify suspicious activities, track objects, and accurately classify disparate items. Additionally, in-store cameras enable retailers to offer a frictionless checkout experience while allowing store associates to focus on customer-oriented tasks. Furthermore, the cameras have replaced the barcode with visual product identification engines, skipping the checkout process completely. This means the computer vision-enabled cameras follow shoppers’ movements throughout the store and detect the items that they purchase or return them. To learn more about the use of technology in retail stores, watch this video.

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