Microsoft’s Bing and Edge Browsers Get an AI Boost

Just as Google thought it had an edge with ChatGPT, Microsoft announced AI-powered Bing and Edge browsers. Microsoft has built this search bot in partnership with ChatGPT-maker OpenAI. So, what are the new features you get to see in these browsers? The changes come in Search, Answer, Chat, and Create items of Bing and Edge browsers. Instead of a single line, there’s a box for Search with a character limit of 1,000. Instead of typing in keywords, you get to be more conversational while putting on a query. This allows the AI-integrated search box to understand your perspective and generate relevant results. Once you hit the search button, you see the regular search results on the left. There are also answers that pop up on the right taking into context your location, previous search history, etc. Deputy editor Cherlynn Low shares more details in this Engadget video. Have a look!

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