The Importance of Meetings: How to Assure Relevance

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You have been to meetings where, except for the speaker, hardly anyone is paying attention. In long meetings, are you sometimes guilty of reading through social media posts? Some even check emails or complete smaller tasks in the meantime. But you do not want your meetings to be this boring. How do you help your teams understand the importance of meetings? In this article at the Rebel’s Guide to Project Management, Elizabeth Harrin shares three ways you can prove the relevance of having regular meetings with your team.

How to Establish the Importance of Meetings

Allow People to Work and Participate

Not all parts of a meeting are relevant to everyone. Allow teammates to bring tasks to work on quietly and participate when their turn comes. This makes them more involved in organizational meetings and feel less bored.

People Can Leave When Their Job Is Done

Your team members have to complete individual deliverables. Once their update is complete, permitting them to leave can increase productivity and participation rates. They will understand the importance of meetings and trust that you will acknowledge their bandwidth too.

Set Basic Rules for Quiet Work

Set some ground rules for team members that want to work during meetings. The first basic rule is to avoid taking phone calls, clacking keyboards, or listening to loud videos. Position the speakers in the middle so that they do not feel disturbed by the passive participants. Have some blank cards that participants can use should they want to interact on the side during the main discussion.

Lower the Meeting Frequency

If possible, have meetings with team members that you essentially need. This will lessen the duration and elevate the importance of meetings. Host a networking conference twice a month to enable the whole team to stay on the same page.

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