How Dall-E 2 Can Revolutionize the Artistic Scenario

Dall-E 2 has been in the news for transforming the artistic scenario with its digital capabilities. It is an AI system that can create realistic artwork provided in a natural language. For instance, if you want an image of a polar bear skiing at the Times Square, Dall-E 2 can create its photorealistic image. In one of his recent videos, Bernard Marr talks about the applications of Dall-E 2 and how it can disrupt the artistic scenario. It uses neural network architecture that generates high-quality images from textual commands. Dall-E 2 has been familiarized with a massive amount of image data so it can generate accurate output per users’ demand. You can use it to create customized product designs and architectural visualizations. Besides, you can also use Dall-E 2 to create fashion designs and illustrations for kids’ books.

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