Why You Must Reorganize Your IoT Security Infrastructure

According to a recent report, more than 10 billion connected IoT devices were in use in 2021. Devices such as security cameras, sensors, microphones, and RFID transmitters, have made it easier to optimize business performance. Most companies believe IoT has become the central component of their business functions. It has also increased the risk of IoT security threats. Cybercriminals can use unprotected IoT devices to get into your business network. In her article for BizTech, Tanya Candia shares how you can improve IoT security and strengthen your digital infrastructure.   

Why IoT Security Is Different Than Digital Security

IoT devices are compact in design, but that limits their storage capacity preventing them from using anti-malware software and similar security tools. Patching is another concern that is not dealt with efficiently. Such issues expand the surface area of cyberattacks and digital vulnerabilities.

Potential IoT Threats

Cybercriminals can intrude on IoT devices using the default username and passwords that you have not changed or are unable to change. IoT devices are prone to on-path attacks, where the attacker is positioned between the IoT device and the server. Since IoT devices are responsible for transferring information digitally, on-path attackers can intercept the data and use it unethically.

Why IoT Safety Is a Serious Concern

IoT devices are easy to exploit, and they can cause serious damage to your enterprise. It is crucial to pay special attention to your internal controls. For instance, affected card reader systems can let unauthorized users inside a facility.

Tips to Enhance IoT Security

Here is a list of things you should do to strengthen IoT safety:

Familiarize yourself with all IoT devices your firm uses.

Implement an efficient security framework.

Change default credentials.

Encrypt data.

Update devices as soon as you can.

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