Project Presentation Gone Wrong? Tips to Spark Interest

Most project managers and leaders do not have good project presentation skills. So, their efforts get lost in translation, and stakeholders lose interest in their business case. You do not need a complicated slide or a comprehensive one. Unlike all you have heard, crisp headlines and subject and supportive charts are enough to get your project presentation back on track. In this article at Online PM Courses, Mike Clayton shares three tips to improve your project presentation. Interestingly, this skill is not too complex to hone. If you have not practiced it all these years, you can start doing so now.

3 Tips to Improve Project Presentation

Why You Need to Improve Presentation Skills

You can display what you have achieved as a project manager. This also helps stakeholders and clients to realize how efficient you are at your job. This is also a skill set that organizations look for in a project management candidate.

What Are the Essential Project Presentation Requirements?

Clear and concise data display: Your presentation should clearly state the four B.O.M.B. components – benefits, outcomes, map, and background. Explain the benefits to the team, share the results they can expect, and gradually build your case to validate your points in the end. Before all of this, thoroughly verify the background on which your whole project presentation stands.

Powerful messaging: Unless your project presentation is compelling, persuasive, and powerful, your audience will engage with your message. You can start by posing a question to involve the participants. This will help you to validate your proposition in the end. You can also present the central idea directly if it is a known audience.

Confident performance: Speaking loudly or speedily, standing in one place, or using numerous slides are misconceptions that lead to presentation failures. Bring your natural confidence to play. Build a water-tight business case so that its confidence reflects in your performance.

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