How Technical Security Has Modified the Role of CIOs

Technical security has transformed itself from a specific department of an organization to an omnipresent business component in the last few years. It is precisely the reason why CIOs have to lead technology, not as technical professionals but as business leaders. It is the responsibility of a CIO to manage and enhance the technical security of all the business areas and mitigate security risks. Most CIOs have begun to introduce strategic business objectives to increase entrepreneurial velocity and revenue. In one of his articles for InformationWeek, Nathan Eddy shares how digital security has altered the job of CIOs.

The Shift from Technical Security to Business Welfare

Change in Business Skills

Eddy mentions that due to the necessity of technology in every business department, CIOs have become more business-oriented. They have to promote a culture of security and shared business values among the workforce. There are times when they have to use compliance to put their thoughts across for better understanding and implementation.

Finding a Balance Between Technical Security and Finances

Rapid7 CSO Iftach Ian Amit states, “One can have great finances, but the business will be failing. The same goes for security — one can have a great security posture, but the business will hurt and won’t be able to accomplish its goals.” He further states that CIOs will keep moving toward the center of business operations. One of the main reasons behind it is that risk and operations will be becoming more integral to the security process.

Expanding Horizons

The threat landscape as well as the security measures are expanding simultaneously. Both have compelled companies to upscale their budgets. Suffice it to say, security concerns are rising rapidly. In the coming years, the volume and types of security applications will change significantly. CIOs must be prepared for the disruption.

The New Responsibilities

Communication among the C-suite officials has never been more important than it is now. Moreover, CIOs are expected to keep up with the swiftly changing compliance regulations. They are supposed to detect network vulnerabilities and manage security frameworks across business departments.

Click on the link to read the original article: https://www.informationweek.com/strategic-cio/how-cisos-are-walking-the-executive-tightrope

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