AI Use Cases: How Do You Apply AI in Web Development?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already fully integrated into the web development industry. Although AI increasingly performs more complex tasks, its importance in web development is not talked about. If you look forward to working as a web developer, you must know how AI is changing the game. Aaron Hurst shares some AI use cases in this article at Information Age. He also explains how AI enables leaders to make smarter decisions using web applications and speed up operations.

AI Use Cases in Web Applications

Structuring Data As one of AI Use Cases

“While the structure of AI capabilities such as computer vision relies on unstructured data, many organizations still find it difficult to use asset types such as video and text to their advantage, with the sheer amount that is out there often proving overwhelming,” says Hurst. However, you can mitigate the challenge through open-source web application projects. Today, web applications deal with enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, customer experience, employee experience, talent management, and governance. You can apply AI to all these business processes.

Promoting Collaboration

The COVID pandemic forced many professionals to work from remote locations. Remote working dramatically improved the ways AI worked. Furthermore, AI use cases for web applications allow business leaders to understand employees’ and customers’ tones and sentiments. In addition, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and mobile and chat applications enable users to capture and transcribe meetings while saving the effort of manual note-taking.

Leveraging AI Engineering for Cloud Applications

Industry experts believe that AI engineering is a critical enabler of cloud computing technology. Cloud services allow businesses with limited budgets to access advanced machine learning functions. Additionally, you can tailor AI engineering to suit your business needs.

What does the future of AI in web development look like? AI use cases in web development are undoubtedly a positive aspect for users and developers. But are you ready to reconstruct your business?

To read the original article, click on https://www.information-age.com/most-valuable-use-cases-for-artificial-intelligence-in-web-applications-19657/.

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