How Jet Sharks Can Revolutionize Traveling on Water

A jet shark’s underwater capabilities to cruise can revolutionize traveling on water. Seabreacher’s jet sharks’ appearance is kept similar to dolphins and killer whales, which makes them more attractive and fascinating. In one of their recent videos, CNET talks about the cost, benefits, and future of jet sharks. They are generally custom built. More than 170 jet sharks have been delivered to people across the globe. The jet sharks primarily have four seats but can be customized up to six. There are two sets of controls that help a new pilot to learn the mechanism with the help of a more experienced co-driver. The current jet sharks can achieve a speed of 45 miles an hour. But Rob Innes, founder of Jet Sharks, asserts that they will soon reach the speed of 60 miles an hour. Innes further mentions that these tech innovations will revolutionize traveling on water.

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