How Customer Experience Is Related to IT-Business Alignment

IT-business alignment has been at the top of the priority list for organizations for a long time. Companies were looking for ways to incorporate it but lacked essential business components. The COVID-19 pandemic compelled firms across the globe to make that digital shift, and there is no looking back. IT-business alignment has enhanced customer experience (CX) for the technology workforce. Furthermore, it has also helped tech employees become more inclusive in the customer experience process. In his article for ZDNet, Joe McKendrick talks about the relationship between customer experience and IT-business alignment.

How IT Improves Customer Experience

Michael Wallace, senior manager of solutions at Amazon Web Services, mentions that companies can now improve customer satisfaction without spending additional resources. The alignment has given firms an opportunity to go beyond their monolithic structures and create a fast and effective IT ecosystem. In the post-pandemic world, IT-business alignment has helped tech professionals to collaborate with people working in silos. IT teams often had a competitive mindset that hampered the customer experience. With the advent of IT-business collaboration, things have changed for good.

Tips to Introduce IT-Business Alignment

Wallace shares the following tips to introduce an effective IT-business alignment:

Recognize the existing obstacles among your workforce. There might be some professionals that are reluctant to accommodate change. Understand their concerns, and discuss possible ways to enhance customer experience.

Make a list of areas that need to be more tech-based. Analyze your existing tech policies and framework, and brainstorm new ways to facilitate modern tech stacks.

Introduce design thinking. One of the most effective ways is establishing a reference point to structure CX designs.

Integrate emerging tech, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, in the IT-business alignment process. They will help you understand customers’ needs and provide you with efficient methods to resolve their issues.

Click on the link to read the original article: https://www.zdnet.com/article/long-awaited-technology-business-alignment-gets-closer-to-reality/  

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