Women in TMT Industries Are Struggling with Hybrid Work

The pandemic has encouraged hybrid and work-from-home models globally. Most professionals are in favor of working from home. Hybrid and remote work models minimize commuting, chances of getting sick, and overall fatigue. Despite these advantages, women working in technology, media & entertainment, and telecommunications (TMT) industries are not inclined towards working from home. Reports have suggested that women working full-time in TMT industries experience more burnout. In her article for TechRepublic, Esther Shein talks about the challenges women are facing in the hybrid work model.  

Why Women in TMT Industries Find Hybrid Work Exhausting

Shein mentions that when women are asked to work from the office and home, they have to manage two workspaces simultaneously. In addition, they have to attend to their home responsibilities such as childcare. She states, “If the choice of in-office days is left fully to workers, workspace usage and in-person collaboration may suffer. On the other hand, if a company mandates which days to work in the office, employees may resent the reduced flexibility.”

Furthermore, hybrid work also increases proximity bias. It means that employees that offer more face time at the office are preferred over the ones that do not. It is essential for companies to acknowledge such biases because they can result in organizational inequalities.

Tips to Make the Hybrid Work Model Work for Everyone

Here are some tips that can help you make your hybrid model a success:

Provide effective tech tools and resources to the employees working from home.

Make your work schedules transparent. Ensure all team members have a clear understanding of their office hours and remote shifts. Integrate flexibility and firmness effectively.

Include employees in the decision-making process and take necessary measures to avoid inequity among the staff members.

Help your employees attend to their family needs. It will allow you to gain their trust and nurture compassion. Various companies in the TMT industries have introduced innovative childcare plans. They have made hybrid and work-from-office easier for women.

Click on the link to read the original article: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/hybrid-work-may-not-work-women/

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